Trump Didn't Arise in a Vacuum

A problem arising from the 2016 Presidential Election is that everything began centering on Trump’s overt oppression, obfuscating how power works. The situation in Puerto Rico has made this clear. Folks are now realizing that the situation on the island is exacerbated by policies like PROMESA and the Jones Act that predate Trump by years and administrations. And in 2016, many challenged Clinton and others like her who supported policies like PROMESA, *while also* critiquing the overt bigotry of Trump. And now as people are dying in Puerto Rico we see why: because colonialism is death. And the colonial situation on the island, while exacerbated by Trump, predates him by decades. But we keep making everything about him, obscuring how he and his oppression didn’t arise in a vacuum but are products of history.

And to be clear, 45 is horrid—and minoritized folks are more vulnerable because he is in power, and have lost so much because he is in power. AND the systems that made him and his horrid-ness predate him. I firmly believe that if we’re ever going to overcome those systems we must first acknowledge them.

#PuertoRico #Trump #PROMESA #JonesAct #Oppression #Colonialism #HillaryClinton

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