Remembering MLK: Driving Out Darkness as well as Capitalism

We must remember the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said “darkness cannot drive out darkness” in 1957 *and* the one who declared in 1967 that the US made “peaceful revolution impossible by refusing to give up the privileges...that come from the immense profits of overseas investments.” 

The liberal US loves remembering an MLK⁠ ⁠ who is taken out of context to say feel good things about justice but not the one who got assassinated for speaking against consumerism, capitalism, and the military industrial complex. This is in part because our popular imagination of MLK⁠ has been white washed. It ends at the March on Washington and not “Beyond Vietnam.” But the King of 1963 and the King of 1967 is different. By 1967 MLK⁠ saw John F. Kennedy assassinated (63), Malcolm X assassinated (65). Veterans were returning from Vietnam and speaking to the horrors of what many viewed as an unnecessary war. Civil Rights legislation had passed and yet racial injustice continued flourishing. Though always being a democratic socialist, by 1967 MLK⁠ ⁠had a different analysis. He spoke not just of racial equality, but of undoing an imperial system that was global in scope and murderous in application. This message cut deeper. And this message got him killed. So we remember the MLK⁠ ⁠that wanted to drive out darkness. But also the King that wanted to undo capitalism, imperialism, and the military industrial complex. Anything short of that is not remembering King. #MLKDay 

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