FTE Doctoral Fellowship

It's taken me a day to sit with it and feel all the feels but I'm super excited to announce that I have been awarded the Forum for Theological Exploration's Fellowship for Latino/a, Asian, and Native American Doctoral Students.

I'm excited to join this incredible group of scholars of color and, more deeply, this legacy of ancestors and elders pouring into the next generation of academics and educators. As such, for me this isn't just about me and my work but about all the people—la comunidad—that sits with me when I'm struggling, holds me when I need comfort, laughs with me in life's joviality, prays for me and sends blessings, celebrates with me in the small and large, reminds me that it's ok to accomplish things, and pushes me and challenges me to live into the fullness of my potential without *ever* forgetting where I came from.

Grateful for this new opportunity.


To learn more about the Fellowship and the Forum for Theological Exploration, visit their website here.

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